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Quad’s leadership team consists of business executives, chemists, engineers and sales professionals with extensive expertise in manufacturing, procurement, sales, logistics, supply chain management, team building, sustainability, finance and customer service. Our manufacturing experience encompasses specialty chemicals, food chemicals, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals and mining chemicals.


Quad’s mission is: “To be a Strategic Partner of Choice by connecting intellectual property across coasts and continents in the markets we serve.”


Quad proactively focuses on long-term business relationships where partnerships enhance core supply chain management strategy. Our global business development strategy has established Quad as a quiet leader in its industries. Quad Chemical Corporation actively manages complex customer supply chain needs which provide the highest value for our suppliers with the least demand on diversified resources. We use innovative models to understand and respect the commercial, operational and financial aspects and strategic goals of our suppliers and customers. Business development, rather than trading, is our strong point and confidentiality is our cornerstone.


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Quad Chemical Corporation was founded in 1991 by four specialists with industrial nitrogen and sulfur product experience. By 1993, Quad quickly realized that its suppliers were often challenged with minimizing or eliminating effluents. Hence, Quad began to develop technology, market research, sales niches, and specifications for the by-products and co-products of these various suppliers. On the consumption side, many customers had demand patterns that varied and surged with little notice. Quad strived to make any customer crisis become Quad’s priority. Quad has built its reputation in the industry as both a primary and an insured supplier. On the insured supply side, Quad has built a reputation as a constant supplier of critical high quality products that are competitively priced and delivered to meet our customers changing requirements. Quad has also built a reputation of flexibility as a primary or secondary source supplier with a smooth and consistent performance.