Quad distributes super phosphoric acid that provides agriculture with important advantages over the initial phosphoric acid technology of ortho phosphates. Quad distributes a purified phosphoric acid, PPA, where the resulting stable acid is a nearly clear source of 75% H3P04 that is suited for use in drip irrigation systems and specialty liquid mixes. Quad’s mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), with an analysis of 11-52-0, is an excellent wide range, agronomic choice for all crops requiring nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition. Mono-ammonium phosphate sulfate has the unique feature of containing up to 300 pounds of sulfate sulfur, in each homogeneous ton of product.

  • Purified Phosphoric Acid – 75%
  • Di-Ammonium Phosphate – DAP
  • Mono-Ammonium Phosphate – MAP
  • Liquid Ammonium Phosphate 10-34-0 and 11-37-0
  • Mono-Ammonium Phosphate Sulfate 16-20-0