rocket launchQuad provides a variety of nitrogen based fertilizer products in bulk format for agricultural applications such a vegetables, corn, wheat and so forth. Quad offers our agricultural supply customers and industrial customers the highest quality dry and liquid fertilizer products on the market. Our sophisticated distribution system ensures that we can be counted on to deliver, even in periods of highest demand.

Quad’s sales team strives to develop strong relationships with our customers, and truly understand their needs. Our dedicated customer service department prides itself on order accuracy. Our nitrogen products are also used in Industrial applications to produce mixed acids, propellants, blasting compounds, plastics, intermediates and a variety of other specialty chemical applications. Nitration of organic compounds with nitric acid is the primary method of synthesis of many common explosives.

  • Strong Nitric Acid – 98% fuming nitric acid (Bé 48.73 to 49.25)
  • Weak Nitric Acid – 55% to 70% (Bé 37.23 to 42.96 @15oC)
  • Anhydrous Ammonia – Ag, Industrial and Metallurgical
  • UREA – Liquid, Prilled and Granular
  • Aqua Ammonia – Ammonium Hydroxide – 19% to 29.5%
  • ANS20 – 20-0-0 – Cool Weather Agricultural